Dog-friendly holidays in Dorset

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Dog-friendly holidays in Dorset

Dog-friendly cottages in Dorset are some of the most popular holiday spots for holiday makers who want to bring their four-legged friend along for the ride. Dorset is so popular as it a dog-loving county with very few restrictions for dogs including public events and attractions such as multiple castle grounds and popular monuments. Being a British, coastal town, Dorset also has a wide range of dog friendly beaches enjoyable for the whole family. Good beach areas include the Isle of Purbeck which despite it's name is a peninsula attached to the Mainland and also Weymouth, a very popular seaside town.

While at a dog-friendly cottage in Dorset, take a trip down to Swanage, which has plenty of coastline along the Jurassic Coast, Britain's first World Heritage Site and one of the natural wonders of the world. Swanage not only offers great sites but is a very dog friendly town and there are very few places where dogs are restricted. Other great places to take the dog include Shaftesbury which is covered in brilliantly rural British architecture, making it a great place for interesting walks.

As long as you've remembered to pack the dog bed, your dog will always feel at home in our dog-friendly cottages in Dorset. With so much to do for the owners and dogs alike, you'll be spoilt for choice on holidays for dog owners in Dorset.


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