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Dog-friendly holidays in Devon

Find dog-friendly cottages in Devon easily and relax

Throughout the county of Devon, many areas welcomes dogs with open arms. With massive amounts of pubs and restaurants that not only allow dogs but invite them in and also long stretches of dog friendly beaches. Be aware before travelling though that some beaches, especially in Summer, do not allow dogs. The best pastime for dog owners staying at dog-friendly cottages in Devon is definitely walking. The natural sights and marvellous, British countryside simply make these walking trails some of the best in England. After a long day of walking, a stop in one of many dog friendly pubs can be the perfect end to the day for you and rover. Some of the great areas perfect for walks include Woolacombe, which has miles of coastal walks offering brilliant ocean views. For great walks through woods and undemanding countryside, check out Dartmoor, a national park full of a variety of different walking opportunities on you dog friendly holiday in Devon.

It's always a benefit having a holiday within the UK for you and your pooch as not only does it save on certain travel costs and going through the procedures required for taking a pet abroad, but it also saves your dog a lot of stress. Another benefit of dog-friendly holidays in Devon is that you won't be restricted from doing much, as most places are dog friendly. If this turns out not to be the case, there are plenty of doggy day-cares that can allow you to go on day-trips to some of the areas where dogs may be restricted. At our dog friendly cottages in Devon, you're never too far from from some the other British dog friendly holiday destinations such as Cornwall and Dorset.


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