Rent a holiday home in Denmark and bring your dog!

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Rent a holiday home in Denmark and bring your dog!

It is now possible to take your dog with you on holiday, when you choose your holiday home from the list of offers from Denmark! Organising a trip to Denmark with your dog is just as good for seniors as it is for young people or families wanting to spend their holidays with their faithful companion. A small country made up of 443 islands, Denmark is a destination of choice for holidays in nature and even cultural activities. For example, there’s a ‘dogs allowed zone’ in the centre of Copenhagen, and many activities can be practiced with your dog: visits and walks in the city, walks through the canals or through the maze of streets, visits to the historical heritage sites with famous monuments such as Frederiksborg Castle. You can also enjoy a good time on one of the Danish islands such as Bornholm, Fano or Samso.

If you prefer to visit the coast on holiday with your dog, then Denmark has hundreds of islands, many water activities can be carried out: swimming, canoeing, fishing etc. and many other outdoor activities: hiking, camping. By renting a holiday cottage dog in Denmark where dogs are allowed, on the island or in the vicinity, you can experience the tranquility of the place and taste local specialties such as poached cod accompanied melted butter, chopped hard-boiled egg and potatoes.

You will spend a dream holiday in Denmark in one of our dog friendly accommodations

A trip to Denmark with your dog is enjoyable any season in the year, summer as well as in winter. Whether it is a Denmark trip with its dog organized in the capital, the Fionian islands, Jutland or any of the other cities of the country, the holiday homes offered in Denmark with dogs allowed will allow you to spend a serene stay with all the comfort you have need with your canine pal. You can also spend time with your dog in one of Denmark's three national parks: Thy National Park, Mols Bjerge National Park and the Wadden Sea National Park. The parks are free in Denmark too!! Also find our dog holiday rentals in France, the Norway or in Italy!


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