Book holiday accomodation in Croatia and bring your dog!

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Book holiday accomodation in Croatia and bring your dog!

Your dog friendly holiday in Croatia
Holidays Croatia

Croatia has an impressive historical and architectural heritage, which you're able to access by staying in any of our Croatian holiday homes that welcome dogs with welcome arms! Many holiday rentals which allow dogs are right by the coast! If you want to travel around the country, you can plan a trip by boat to go to the Croatian islands such as Hvar, Ciovo or Krk.

If you love nature, in Croatia you will not be disappinted. Numerous nature parks are located in Croatia, ideal for long walks with your dog, such as the national parks of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Kornati or that of Mljet. There are plenty of walks to do with your dog near your Croatian holiday accomodation, especially in the Dinaric Alps and the Velebit chain.

Fantastic places await you on holiday with your dog Croatia

If you are a diving and swimming enthusiast, a Croatia vacation with your dog is for you. So you can enjoy the beauty of the coastline and the water temperature during your stay in Croatia with your dog by going on excursions on the beach of Sunj, or on the island of Lopud, the beach of Saharun on the island of Dugi or the beach of Stoncica on the island of Vis. The Mediterranean climate of the Adriatic Bay guarantees pleasant temperatures during your holidays in Croatia with your dog. If you want to climb, very beautiful mountainous sites are very popular, especially in Istria and Dalmatia. Know that the highest peak in Croatia is about 1830 meters is the peak of Dinara. You and your dog can explore all of these places together! Holidays with your pets and family are very important, so that you can make some great memories!

If you want to discover the Croatian cuisine, do not miss the following specialties: štrukli, cheese puffs, kulen, Croatian sausage, salami or svinjetina which is a local specialty of grilled or roasted pork. You will notice that the Croatian cuisine is very much influenced by the Mediterranean culture and in fact resembles Provençal cuisine.

Also see our holiday rentals with dog in France, Denmark or Germany. Booking a holiday home that allows dog in Croatia will be a great decision.

Take note! Information for a Croatian holiday with a dog

The following dogs are banned in Croatia:

- Staffordshire Bull Terrier

- American Staffordshire Terrier

- Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier


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