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Dog-friendly accommodation in Cotswolds

Dog-friendly cottages in Cotswolds' gorgeous scenery

Cotswolds is an idyllic area of hills that seep into a multitude of counties in South Western England. Such counties include Gloucestershire, Somerset and Oxfordshire. Take a look at our huge range of dog friendly cottages in Cotswolds and choose one from many different areas. The Cotswolds are famed for their rolling hills and botanical beauty, the area's beauty is also said to have inspired some of England's first composers. For all these reasons, the area is one of the most enchanting areas in England, and even the United Kingdom to walk in, so you can be sure Fido will love it too on his very own holiday in a dog friendly cottage in the Cotswolds!

The sights to be seen while staying in dog friendly accommodation in Cotswolds are endless, and you shouldn't feel restricted by having a dog with you as there are plenty of places where your pet can join along too. Tourist attractions where dogs are allowed include the Hailes Abbey, a cluster of historical ruins of what remains of this once pilgrimage site in Winchcombe. You could also visit Brockhampton Estate in Herefordshire, a medieval farming estate with 400 hectares of farmland for you and the pup to explore as well as multiple beautiful manor farm houses and countryside wildlife to see. You're sure to be charmed during your stay in dog friendly accommodation in Cotswolds as the architecture here is unique, a style similar to that of Tudor architecture.


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