Dog-friendly cottages in Cornwall

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Dog-friendly cottages in Cornwall

One of the things dogs enjoy the most are new experiences and Cornwall isn't short of those. If your dog has never been to the beach before, dog friendly cottages in Cornwall are a great destinations, as this English county is lined with miles of coastline. Days at beaches such as those in Perranporth or Newquay can be really exciting for a dog as there is a lot of new sounds, smells and an open area to swim and dig. Just be sure to check the times dogs are allowed and that you take precautionary action to ensure your dog's safety and well-being. There are many dog friendly cottages in Cornwall meaning the planning of your trip shouldn't be too hard. Dog friendly accommodation in Cornwall make popular spots for owners to take their dogs as there are many historical sites and walks always nearby, such as Prideaux Place in Padstow. There are also dog friendly pubs, cafés and restaurants where dogs are welcome.

For a great day out, why not visit the Lizard Peninsula, the most southerly point of the British mainland. Here you can experience brilliant cliff faces and marvellous coastal views. There are multiple dog friendly cottages in Cornwall within close driving distance of the Lizard Peninsula in areas such as Falmouth or Mabe. Near Lizard, you can also find Mount's bay; a large bay which stretches from the Lizard Peninsula to the eastern side of Land's end, this area has many sights making it a brilliant place to walk.


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