Book a holiday home in Belgium and bring your dog!

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For your next holiday, you should opt for a holiday in Belgium, but this time bring your beloved dog instead of leaving them behind! To help you find activities with your pet here are some tips and information for a Belgium dog allowed rental. Going on vacation with your pet is not a simple task, but renting a dogs allowed holiday cottage with Casamundo will surely make it a bit easier!

If you’re wondering about the best places to spend your stay in Belgium with your dog, we can advise you to book holiday accommodation near to or within the cities of Brussels, Namur, Charleroi, Liège or even Antwerp it will be easy to find a dog friendly rental in these main cities. You will be able to stroll and visit many sites, for example in Brussels the Grande-Place, the Place des Martyrs or the neighborhood of the Marolles and its famous flea market. If your dog likes to frolic in the wild, take him to the Ardennes.

Stay with your dog in Belgium: There are many possibilities available to you!

The country offers other attractions including its green countryside which will allow you to take beautiful walks with your pooch on your Belgium holiday; it is possible to hike on the paths of Wallonia on the Ravel network or to enjoy the beautiful coast in Ostend and take in the fresh sea air with your pet and possibly bath! You will also find beaches, restaurants, shops and sightseeing that will accept your dog.
During your holiday with your dog in Belgium it will be possible to use public transport; staying in Belgium with your dog can be transported in a small cage of 55 x 30 x 30 centimeters and that for free. If it is a larger size the rate is worth 50% of a classical 2nd class ticket. Come and discover our dog holiday rentals in other European countries such as Switzerland, France and Germany.