Book a holiday home or cottage in Austria and bring your dog!

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Book a holiday home or cottage in Austria and bring your dog!

Go on holiday with your dog and visit Austria!

Whether you are a senior, a young couple or a family, it is possible to organise a holiday with your dog to Austria - a fantastic dog friendly destination. We all know that it is not always easy to go on holiday and leave his faithful companion at home. But with a dogs allowed break with Casamundo you won’t have to! Surrounded by 8 countries, Austria is a dream destination to visit in winter as much as in summer. Wherever you choose to spend your holiday, you'll enjoy your stay when you book a dog friendly cottage or home in Austria with your dog!

In summer or winter your dog can accompany you to Austria!

You will be spoiled for choice with regards to your holiday destination if you travel to Austria. Discover the city of Salzburg with its historic centre and its Gothic architecture. With your for legged friend, you can visit unique places within the Austrian countryside such as the Schönbrunn Palace and its park, former residence of the Habsburgs as well as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are taking a holiday with your dog in the heart of the capital, Vienna, you can find dog friendly places and take the time to visit many sights or museums like the Belvedere where you will have the chance to discover the work "Der Kuss" by the famous painter Gustave Klimt. For other excursions in nature, Lake Neusiedl, it is the second largest steppe lake in Central Europe. The beautiful countryside of Tirol can also offer you and your dog a lot of space to explore and for them to stretch their legs.

If you prefer to go in winter, you will be delighted to be able to ski down the slopes and visit the snowy towns, with a Zillertal vacation rental or a Paznaun holiday apartment. If you book acoomodation in the mountains, in the Alps, you have to taste some local specialties such as Goulasch (soup), Schweinebraten (roast pork) and the Sachertorte which is a chocolate cake filled with orange jam. There are also family friendly ski resorts in Austria which also welome dogs!


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