Dog-friendly Holidays in Anglesey - Great, cottages for dog owners

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Dog-friendly Holidays in Anglesey - Great, cottages for dog owners

The Isle of Anglesey is a large, low lying Island in the north westerly corner of Wales off of the coast of Bangor. The dog friendly cottages in Anglesey are very popular among tourists due to the amount of highly praised walks on this one Island. The island also has a large variety of historical sites and building which do not exclude dogs allowing visitors to travel around the island freely with their dog without restrictions. A great central area good for dog friendly holiday cottages in Anglesey would be around Capel Coch, this area is close to some of the most famous natural and historical sites in Anglesey such as Castell Aberlleiniog, a fortress located close to the village of Llangoed. Beaumaris castle also offers some incredible historical sites as this 13th century fortress is located in the heart of the countryside and comes equipped with a moat.

Dog-friendly Holidays in Anglesey by the Sea

Because it is an Island, Anglesey has a large amount of beaches, many of which are very dog friendly such as Beaumaris beach or Holy head and Trearddur Bay found on Holy Island. This makes dog friendly holidays in Anglesey brilliant for beach goers. However check the restrictions before taking your dog in the summer months, as beaches during peak times may not allow pets. Thanks to the large amount of coastal area and its proximity to the sea, Anglesey's seaside towns have many fish restaurants and pubs, many of which allow dogs.


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