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Dog Friendly Holidays - Great Dog Friendly Accommodation

dog friendly holidays at the beach

The unconditional love an owner receives from their dog can make one feel like the most important person in the world, so it's no surprise owners can't stand to be away from their furry, four-legged counterpart and wish to bring them along on trips to dog friendly cottages. The greatest things to a dog are large open countryside areas along with new sights, sounds and smells. Just be sure to take your pet's bed or basket so it's easier for them to settle into their new environment.

Dog Friendly Holidays, UK

There are many great destinations for dog friendly holidays in the UK as the best areas for holiday makers in the UK are also in the best interest of your canine companion. Dog friendly cottages in placesGolden retriever such as Wales, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset offer open countryside and an array of beaches where dogs are permitted. Another great advantage of these dog friendly holidays in the UK is that the larger dogs won't have to go through the stress of being in a aircraft hold and also the change in climate in the UK doesn't vary too much from place to place, ensuring your pet won't be too hot or too cold. Dog friendly cottages which come with large gardens are recommended for times spent within the home so that the dog still has an open, outdoor area to run around in.

Dog Friendly Holidays Abroad

Before travelling overseas with your dogs, be sure to make yourself aware of all the necessary steps that need to be taken before taking any pet abroad, this information can be found in multiple places around the internet. The most popular dog friendly holidays outside the UK include places with mild to warm, oceanic climates such as areas in northern Spain, northern Italy and France. For the dog's well-being, holidays in hotter climates can be uncomfortable and strenuous on a dog that is used to being in cooler British climates.

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