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Detached Italian Holiday Home

When thinking of Italy and some of its most famous sights to see the first place everyone automatically thinks of is Rome, not only is it the current capital of Italy but was also the capital of the ancient Roman Empire. There are many wonderful detached houses to choose from with gorgeous high ceilings and stunning architecture, enjoy the peace and quiet of having some distant from your neighbours and feel yourself relax. If there's any place to go in Italy where you can really immerse yourself in its magical history, it is Rome. There are too many must see sights to choose from while visiting the city and many places to eat some of Italy’s most exquisite food.

Candy coloured villages

A place that looks like its walked straight off the pages of a fairytale and is literally called the Five Lands is the Cinque Terre, it is made up of a set of five perched villages linked together by a short stretch of cliffs on the Italian Riviera. The candy coloured houses are staggered along the cliffs meaning that from every house there are stunning sea views. It is the ideal place for a gorgeous romantic break with your loved one, take a stunning walk along the panoramic hiking trail that connects the five villages or visit its charming harbour filled with colourful little boats and a mini beach to lie back and relax on. After a long day exploring go home to your own detached holiday house the colour of a sweet with its gorgeous rustic interior.

The waters of Venice

There is nothing quite as poetic and amazing as Venice, a city built on a lagoon, filled with canals, with no roads for cars is a truly breathtaking place to visit. This is the place that can enchant every single member of the family with its magical allures and has something for everyone, the gorgeous little romantic restaurants tucked away for a candle lit dinner for the parents, the romantic charms that feel like they’ve come straight off the pages of a romance novel for the dreamy teens and endless boat rides for the kids and even a McDonalds which you wouldn’t think would be there.


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