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Detached Holiday Homes Great for Family Holidays


Enjoy the gorgeous open space around your detached holiday home

Rent a detached holiday home in the luscious countryside or suburbs in the UK or France or many other places and feel the freedom around you. Make as much noise as you like because it's just you in your lovely detached house.

Enjoy the gorgeous open space around your detached holiday home

With lots of green fields unfolding in front of you filled with a rainbow of colours and dotted with sweet furry-four legged friends in the distance. Stretch your arms out and feel the gorgeous space around you while you get high on the wonderfully crisp clear air. Forget the hustle and bustle and the stale air of everyday life. A detached house is the perfect escape for everyone to enjoy while on holiday.

Explore the nature around your detached house

It’s just you and your loved ones in your very own oasis away from everyone else, have all the adventures you like and run wild. Book a lovely detached house in your favourite part of the world like Turkey and see what it has to offer. Be completely worry free while you have fun in the gorgeous surroundings of your detached holiday rental. Have a BBQ and listen to it crackle and create a warm glow on a luxury Croatian veranda and watch the sun set. Or sunbathe in the garden on the lush green grass with a cool glass of lemonade. With the wonderful views of the beautiful landscape on one side and your gorgeous rustic cottage covered in sprawling ivy which couldn’t be more picture perfect on the other side. Casamundo offers all that and much more. 

Let loose and run wild in the space around your detached house

Let the children go mad and run around enjoying the luscious landscape making as much noise as they like with no restrictions. Maybe even bring the family pet and let them too go wild and enjoy some unrestricted playtime. Watch as they all roll around the grass together and their squeals of delight get carried away by the wind without having to worry about disturbing any neighbours.

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