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Book Your Stay in Austria for Vienna City Breaks

Accommodation For Vienna City Breaks - Book At CASAMUNDO

The city of Vienna is extremely romantic so if you have previously visited the cities of Paris and Venice, you will enjoy a stay here. With its beautiful buildings, quaint coffee shops, castles and parks, it is the perfect trip for every budget!

Vienna city breaks - sightseeing in the Austrian capitalCity Break Vienna – Explore the sights of the city

This city in Austria is great to explore! One of the first destinations on your list should be the Historic Center of Vienna as the architecture of these 19th Century buildings including the Baroque castles and gardens is well worth checking out during your city breaks to Vienna. It is also a UNESCO world heritage sight therefore definitely well worth spending time here. For those art fans, make sure you visit the Museum of Art History, known by its German name the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Found on the Ringstraße, it opened in the 19th Century and contains many fantastic pieces and objects inside this lavishly decorated building. Head to the Schönbrunn Palace afterwards and check out this luxury palace with its beautiful garden surroundings that have stood the test of time since the 16th Century. This palace is even older than the Palace of Versailles found in Versailles in France but if you enjoy sights here, you will also enjoy a trip here. For a great afternoon trip, head to the zoo in Vienna and come up close with animals from all over the world. Explore the Tiergarten Schönbrunn with its rainforest house, aquarium and Arctic region; it is almost like exploring the globe but all under one roof!

If you are feeling peckish after a day of sightseeing during your Vienna city breaks, you will be spoilt for a choice from the large selection of cafés and restaurants in Vienna. Much of the cuisine has been heavily influenced by the neighbours such as Italy and Slovenia. For a hearty meal, try the Wiener Schnitzel or the Tafelspitz, both often served with potatoes, chips and/or salad. For those with a sweet tooth, the pastries and cakes here will not disappoint. Sample a piece of Apfelstrudel, a pastry with an apple filling, or the Sachertorte, a chocolate tort, and wash it down with a warming cup of coffee.

For those seeking nightlife in this metropolis, you will be spoilt for choice with the diverse range of bars and clubs in the city. From techno, underground drum and base and mainstream music, you can party till your hearts content till the early hours here in the capital! City Breaks Vienna – book yours now for a memorable trip!


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