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Plan and Book Your City Breaks To Venice

Book Holiday Accommodation For Your City Breaks To Venice

Visit the lagoon city, better known as Venice. Found in the North of Italy, this city is made up of 118 islands and most of the city is covered in water. City breaks to Venice are suitable for those who are after a romantic holiday for an anniversary or getaway with a loved one, or for those who have enjoyed a trip to the also romanticistic cities of Paris or Vienna.

City breaks Venice – how to get around and what to see

One activity that many like to do when staying in a holiday rental in Venice is go on a gondola ride. If you shop about, you can get a very reasonable price for just under €40 depending on how long and if you want a meal to come with the ride. There is nothing better than being driven around on the clear, blue waters of Venice with your loved one whilst taking in the gorgeous scenery. If you wish to see the sights, getting a water taxi is sometimes the only way to get around, however sometimes you can walk. Visit St Mark's basilica is a Roman Catholic cathedral church with fantastic architecture and historical heritage. The Torre dell'Orologio, known in English as St. Marks Clock Tower, is another great attraction in the city of Venice, whose lower floors make up an archway. Found in a picturesque plaza of the city, there are plenty of cafés and restaurants nearby for you to sample the Italian cuisine. Sample true Italian-made pizza and pasta and you will find it difficult not to come back to the region of Veneto, where Venice is, every year! Short breaks to Venice are suitable for every budget as many things can be done for a relatively reasonable price, so long as you plan in advance. Choose from a wide range of holiday apartments in the heart of the city, from everything to luxury, contemporary rentals to holiday homes with terraces.

If you enjoy city breaks to Venice but find yourself wanting to visit somewhere else, why not visit the Italian island of Sicily. Equally romantic but with a beautiful coastline, it is a great island for sun, sea and sand whilst incorporating Italian values, such as great food and lovely hospitality. After more romantic trips? Then why not plan an extended weekend break in the romantic city of Paris.


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