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Book Your City Breaks UK For A Weekend Getaway

Find Holiday Accommodation For Your City Break UK

If you are wanting to plan a getaway this year, then look no further than city breaks in the UK. Budget airlines that are based in the United Kingdom attract many tourists here every year offering cheap flights to the countries of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The diverse cities and locations across the countries attract just under 30 million tourists to the UK every year. Check out the wide range of tourist hotspots and see why people choose to come back here year after year.

UK City Breaks – perfect for weekend breaks and short breaks

One of the most famous and most visited cities in the world is London. The capital of England attracts 15 million tourists every year. Why not try and catch a glimpse of the Queen at Buckingham Palace, or head to Big Ben along the River Thames and get your photo next to this famous, impressive clock tower. The Houses of Parliament are found next to the tower and the London Eye can also be found here so why not go abroad and in return, you will get a breathtaking overview of the entire city! For those who enjoy retail therapy, go shopping on Oxford Street and check out the great stores here. If you come during the summer, why not pack a picnic and head to Hyde Park, a large park found in central London. London city breaks are great for a romantic break with your loved one or as a family. If you enjoy London and wish to explore more of England, the Northern cities of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester will be perfect for your next trip. Offering Northern culture which differs massively from London, embrace the Northern hospitality and plan your next weekend break up North.

Spend Hogmanay in the city of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The celebrations everywhere in Scotland during New Years Eve are extraordinary and attract not only those coming from abroad, but also many Brits migrate here during the celebrations. Edinburgh attracts tourists because of its diverse city centre to the contrast of the rural areas of the city. The city is compiled of many hills and if you climb the Edinburgh Castle, you can get a phenomenal overview of the entire city. The architecture of the Edinburgh City Chambers and St. Giles Cathedral are well worth checking whilst staying in a holiday rental in the city.

City breaks UK – explore the diverse metropolises here

The city of Cardiff is the capital of Wales and is perfect for those wanting to plan a city break in a modern, contemporary apartment. With a wide selection of holiday homes available, you will be fascinated by the Welsh culture here. Most road signs and restaurants are translated in both English and Welsh and the diverse accent and hospitality from the local residents here will make you feel at ease. The Castell Coch is a Gothic castle on the top of a hill enriched with culture and if you climb here, you get a great overview of this Welsh paradise. Music fans should come during Cardiff's Big Weekend, with many famous music artists playing. Head south and visit the city of Swansea for another fun-filled adventure in a Welsh city.

Across the Irish Sea, you can find Northern Ireland, home to 1.8 million residents. Book your holiday accommodation here and embrace the Irish culture in the Northern Irish capital of Belfast. With many local Irish pubs found in the city, sample the ales, beers and ciders on offer here. Nightlife is a highlight here which will keep those who are wanting to stay out till the early hours occupied! During the day, explore the Titanic, the architecture of the building alone is well worth checking out. Go inside and you will experience what happened to the fateful ship in the 20th Century. The Belfast Zoo is also great for a day out and the high street offers a great holiday. Londonderry in Derry is also a great location for a city break in Ireland as the city was voted City of Culture 2013. With plenty of sightseeing activities to explore here, you will have a blast with the kids here! Weekend break UK – plan your holiday here today.


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