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Book Your City Breaks to Stockholm for a Great Trip to Sweden

Rent Holiday Apartments in Stockholm for Your City Break

Want to spend a holiday in a beautiful city? Then the city of Stockholm awaits you! If you are wanting to explore a different city as you have already visited Cannes and Nice in France, then the diverse city of Stockholm is right up your street!

City Breaks to Stockholm – Walk Around and Take in the Sights

As the capital city of Sweden, it is extremely popular with not only tourists coming from abroad, but also those coming from inland Sweden from Nacka to Uppsala! With a wide range of holiday apartments and rentals available in the online catalogue for your Stockholm city break, plan your amazing trip today! Take a free city tour of Stockholm, where the workers earn by how much they get from tips! Here you will be shown around the key attractions of the city. The Old Town tends to be the area that tourists flock to the quickest as the architecture and unique buildings are outstanding here. The quaint cafés and shops here are something straight out of a book and grab a Swedish snack whilst in the area here! Swedish pancakes are extremely delicious and a delicacy with plenty of eateries offering these tasty treats!

City Break Stockholm – Explore and Enjoy

As a lot of the city is on water, a great place to visit are the Stockholm Canals. Take a trip on a boat and enjoy the tranquil waters here found in the heart of the city. Perfect if you have enjoyed a tour on a gondola during your city break to Venice as the beautiful and scenic canals here even envy the city on water! Wanting to stay on dry land? If you are a big fan of museums, then make sure you stop off at the Vasa Museum. This museum contains the largest preserved shipwreck in the whole world and as it is a ship museum, it is extremely interactive which makes it ideal for not only younger children, but also for the older children and adults! Pop over to the Drottingholm Palace afterwards as this World Heritage Site holds not only beauty in its architecture, but important history for Sweden. The beautiful palace inside and the wonderful gardens outside make it a worthwhile day trip for everybody. Stockholm city breaks – perfect for those wanting to explore a vibrant metropolis with your loved ones!


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