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Ciao To Your City Breaks To Rome

Accommodation For Your City Breaks to Rome

Plan a trip to the fantastic metropolis of Rome. This city is extremely different to the other Italian cities of Venice and Milan, as Rome is enriched in culture and history that dates back thousands of years. The history of the city spans over 2,500 years right back to the Roman Empire and Roman Kingdom. This can be seen in the famous sights in the city today, for example, the Colosseum. Built in 70AD, the amphitheatre is an iconic symbol of Rome's history. Although the building stands partially ruined today because of damage from earthquakes and stone robbers, it is still a hotspot for tourists. The Roman Forum is also well worth a visit whilst staying in the city as it is a plaza made up of the ruins of former government buildings. A former sight for criminal trials, elections and gladiatorial matches, this sight is enriched with culture and a must see for those Roman history fans who want to plan city breaks to Rome.

City breaks Rome – perfect for couples and families!

This diverse capital city can be found in the region of Lazio in Italy and for those spending a holiday here as a family, there is plenty to do, explore and see! The Children's Museum can be found in the city centre and is great for those who enjoy hands-on science museums! If the kids want to check out some animals, the Zoomarine is great for seeing a wide variety of tropical water animals including dolphins and sea lions! If you want to teach the kids more about the Roman history, 3-D Remind provides an insight into what it was like during the Roman period. Very educational but entertaining, afterwards why not hit the Roman Market and take the kids shopping and find a bargain so you have something to remember your trip with.

Stay in great accommodation and enjoy the great cuisine

Rome city breaks are perfect for those who enjoy hot temperatures during their holiday, as are the locations of Calabria and Apulia, found in Southern Italy. Rome is suitable for all holidaymakers as there are relatively warm temperatures during the summer, it means it is great to stroll around the city and check out the sights or to sit outside in the gardens of Villa Borghese. These gardens are beautiful and naturalistic with many buildings, including museums and old villas inside. Stay in the best properties in Italy, with everything from modern, contemporary apartments available in the online catalogue, to cosy, holiday homes suitable for all budgets. If you find yourself getting hungry and want to try the food made by true Italians, why not sit outside an Italian café and lap up the sun whilst sampling the Italian culinary delights. The cuisine here truly is outstanding and enjoy the specialities of Italy as the food is famous worldwide. Try an Italian pizza made by real Italians in a stone oven or sample the wide variety of pasta available with a wide range of sauces and cheeses to add to your dish!For those with a sweet tooth, why not wash down a cup of Italian coffee with a slice of Italian-made tiramisu. City break Rome – this means you get to sample the food, which is truly world class, as is the Italian hospitality and lifestyle, therefore it is easy to see why people return here year after year!


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