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Plan A Fantastic Break and Holiday - Prague City Breaks

Rent Family Holiday Accommodation For Your Prague City Breaks

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, plan your Prague city break today for an extended break! Enjoy the rich history and culture of the Czech capital and you are bound to have a memorable trip here.

City Breaks Prague – Lots to see and do!

One of the first places on your agenda should be to the Prague Castle, which is open daily for you to visit. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the castle is made up of palaces and Gothic styled buildings. One of the best things about Prague is that it was hardly touched during the Second World War so much of its architecture is still standing centuries after first being built. The Charles Bridge is a ten minute walk away from here and the historic bridge crosses the Vltava river in the city of Prague. The views on the bridge here are breathtaking and it is well worth visiting whilst staying in a holiday apartment in Prague. The Roman Catholic Church, better known as the St. Vitus Cathedral, is a magnificent cathedral found in the heart of the city and is another wonderful place whilst on holiday here. The Parler design of the building has also influenced the Gothic styles of many infrastructures in Northern Croatia and in Slovenia.

After a day of sightseeing during your Prague city breaks, why not head to a local café or restaurant and try the local cuisine on offer. For a hearty meal, sample one of the traditional Czech soups such as lentil, vegetable or the kulajda soup, made up of dill, potato, egg and mushrooms. Fried potato cakes are also popular. Although much of the cuisine is heavily meat based, vegetarians will still find great food here to eat.

What to do when the sun goes down

One of the reasons the city attracts tourists in their millions every year is the vibrant nightlife in this metropolis. City breaks to Prague are perfect for those in search of a party as there are numerous bars, pubs and nightclubs throughout the city so you can party till the early hours!

If you find yourself wanting to be in the peace and quiet of your holiday home, then retire for the evening here and cook for yourselves in the comfort of your own space. Choose from a large range of holiday rentals, such as luxury, modern holiday apartments in the heart of the city, to cosy, yet homely holiday homes. There is holiday accommodation available for every budget! If you enjoy a city break here in the holiday accommodation available online, you will also enjoy the Eastern European cities of Bratislava, Budapest and Krakow. Why not plan a city tour of these capital cities and make the most of your holiday!


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