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Visit NYC and Book Your New York City Breaks

Rent Family Holiday Accommodation For Your New York City Breaks

Plan the trip of a lifetime to the city of New York, found in the state of New York, which borders the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A city enriched in fascinating culture and history, explore where the city first began on the Ellis Island, where immigrants first stepped out on to the city of New York. The island is overlooked by the famous Statue of Liberty and you can go right the way to the top of the statue as Ellis Island is only a boat ride away.

Plan a fun-filled holiday to the heart of AmericaUSA - statue of liberty - yellow cabs

New York city breaks are suitable for those who enjoy sightseeing as there are many diverse parts of the city to explore. The famous area of Manhattan is where you can find Central Park, a famous park in the city centre. Pack up a picnic and sit out in the sun during the summer, as the temperatures are relatively hot during this time of year. Winter city breaks to New York are also great as there are many ice rings to go ice skating, including at the Rockefeller Center, which is great fun with your loved one or your family. The Empire State Building can also be found in this area and the observation deck offers a breathtaking view of one of the most famous cities in the world. Times Square is a major commercial area also found in Manhattan and is a great place to be whilst celebrating into the New Year; short breaks to New York during the New Year are the best! Countdown and watch the famous ball drop as the clock turns 12; a great way to start the New Year surrounded by your loved ones.

For those who enjoy museums, there is a large selection to choose from upon your stay in a holiday rental in New York. The Museum of Modern Art is great for those art lovers and there is many contemporary pieces on display here and you can find it in Midtown Manhattan. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also a must see as it is the largest art museum in America and the pieces on display here are some of the best pieces of Greek, Roman and near Eastern ancient art in the entire world. Visit the area of Brooklyn and pay a trip to the Brooklyn Museum which features a wide range of pieces and collections which for those keen art fans, is well worth a visit. One of the most monumental and significant museums of New York is the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Paying tribute to those who lost their lives after the attacks on the former World Trade Center, check out the One World Trade Center, a large skyscraper that will be the predecessor of the former towers.

City breaks New York – choose from a wide selection of properties throughout the city

Throughout the city of New York, you have the choice of staying a great range of accommodation. From modern, contemporary apartments found in the heart of Manhattan, to cosy, family homes in the outskirts in the location of Yonkers, you will find a property suitable for you and your fellow holidaymakers. The benefits of being in self-catered accommodation is that you can try your hand at cooking in the kitchen. Why not try your hand at making the famous New York deep-pan style pizza or New York cheesecake from scratch. If you are not feeling brave enough, there is a wide range of restaurants and eateries that offer these New York specialities and culinary delights. If you find yourself wanting to explore more of America during your holiday in New York, then the bordering states of Connecticut and Massachusetts offer a different take on American culture and cuisine.

 USA - New York Skyline - city breaks 


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