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London City Breaks - Plan The Trip of A Lifetime

Accommodation For Your London City Breaks

city break London - sightseeingVisit the English metropolis that is London. It is the capital city of England and attracts tourists in their millions every year. Some of the world's most famous sights can be found in London, as well as the city being a strong, global economic power in the world hence why the city has seven airports alone! This makes the city easy to get to and the regular underground services allow locals and tourists alike to get around the city as easy and quick as possible. Stay in luxurious holiday rentals in the popular area of Hampstead, found in the North of London or the area of Kingston, found in the South West of London.

Sightseeing in London

London city breaks go hand in hand with sightseeing. Why not check out Buckingham Palace, which in itself is a great building which the Queen of England calls home. Tours are available so you can get an insight into how the royal family lives! Whilst in the city centre, pop along to Big Ben, London's famous clock tower and bell which displays the current time. The Big Ben calls the Houses of Parliament a neighbour and the London Eye is a short walk from here. This wheel offers a whole overview of the entire city; a truly spectacular sight for local and tourist alike. See how far the River Thames runs through the city.

For those who enjoy a spot of retail therapy, head to Oxford Street for some of the best and largest shops in the whole of London. For those wanting to hunt out a bargain, then head to the famous Camden and Portobello Markets, which are great to explore. Food and drink is of course also available here, so why not sample the traditional dish of fish and chips from a proper chippy, also a popular dish across the pond in Ireland.

During the evenings, there is a wide range of restaurants which offer every kind of food available; from Italian, to British to Eastern cuisine, you will find something to suit your needs! Visit the famous West End and choose from a wide selection of plays and musicals on offer and that are shown every night throughout the week. London short breaks are also ideal if you are wanting to explore afterwards,the pubs, bars and nightclubs here will also keep those who enjoy staying out later occupied till the early mornings!

City breaks London - Where to stay in this city

There are a vast variety of diverse locations to stay in during your trip, with cosy, family holiday homes and modern, city apartments to choose from. There is accommodation available online to suit every budget. If you find yourself wanting to explore more of England during your short breaks in London, then visit the Southern city of Oxford, the beautiful town of Cambridge or the coastal city of Brighton. All of these locations are easily accessible with public transport and take just over an hour to reach and offer you more of British culture.


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