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City Break Istanbul – Plan Your Trip Today!

City Break Istanbul - Book Holiday Accommodation Today

If you have previously visited the European cities of Paris and London but fancy a change in culture – then visit the city of Istanbul in Turkey. With lots to see and discover here, it is the perfect city break for yourself, your partner and your family. With a wide variety of accommodation available in the online catalogue, from modern, luxury holiday apartments to cosy, holiday rentals, you will find a property suitable for you and your budget.

city break Istanbul - sightseeing in TurkeyExplore the sights of the city

Often confused with the capital, which is in fact Ankara, the city of Istanbul offers lots for its visitors. During your city breaks to Istanbul, make sure you visit the world-famous Grand Bazaar Market and pick yourself up a bargain! Make sure you can barter for a bargain here otherwise you could find yourself paying over the odds. After a morning at the market, head to the Hagia Sophie. Make sure you go inside this museum, which was once a former Orthodox Patriarchal Basilica and then later taken over as a mosque. Visit the largest palace in Istanbul afterwards, better known as the Topaki Palace, and check out the beautiful gardens outside. After a long day of checking out the sights during your Istanbul city breaks, why not head to a traditional Turkish restaurant in the evening. Sample the famous Turkish Doner in its homeland or the wonderful Turkish meze – you will be delighted by the high-quality of cuisine here in Turkey. For those searching for the party, there is plenty of bars and nightclubs here in the city to keep you out till the early hours in the morning so you can party till your hearts content!

City Breaks Istanbul – Perfect Recuperation and Relaxation

If you prefer to enjoy a spot of sunshine and sunbathing on holiday, then the city of Istanbul is a great holiday location. With its hot and sunny temperatures, it is perfect for those in need of a bit of sunshine on their holidays! The Prince's Islands are well worth a visit whilst staying in an Istanbul holiday home as these scenic, peaceful islands offer beautiful, picturesque sights and you can kick back and relax on a sun lounger along the Marmara Sea. City break Istanbul - Enjoy the trip of a lifetime and book yours today.


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