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Book Your Edinburgh City Breaks

Rent Family Holiday Accommodation For Your Edinburgh City Breaks

Enjoy a fantastic trip to the capital of Scotland, found in the United Kingdom. This diverse city is not your typical sightseeing adventure – much of the city is compiled of hills and countryside! If you head up to the Edinburgh Castle at the top of a hill in the city, you will get phenomenal views of the entire city and you will be able to see the diverse landscape for yourself. Afterwards, enjoy the walk back down to the city as much of the exploration of the city is best done by walking! The Edinburgh City Chambers is where the council calls home and the architecture of the chambers are truly outstanding. Afterwards, head to the St. Giles Cathedral and you can go inside and check out this beautiful cathedral in all of its glory.

City Breaks Edinburgh – A Fantastic Trip to Scotland

One of the best times of year to come is during New Years, better known as Hogmanay in Scotland. Hogmanay is celebrated With many street parties and a great buzz in the area, there is no better way to celebrate the New Year than a stay in a Edinburgh holiday home. Enjoy fantastic firework displays, and afterwards, head to one of the many bars and nightclubs in the city and party till the early hours during your Edinburgh city break. If you enjoy the atmosphere here, make sure next year you plan a city break to London and see the world-famous firework display along the River Thames!

If you come during the summer, make sure you book your visit in August as this is when the Edinburgh Festival takes place. With various art and cultural festivals taking place, the Edinburgh Festival is a collective name for numerous festivals taking place throughout August, such as the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Edinburgh Art Festival. Other great places to visit during the summer include the various parks throughout Edinburgh so make sure you pack up a picnic and sit outside enjoying the sun rays during your city breaks to Edinburgh!

Edinburgh City Breaks – the start of your adventures in Scotland

Many people who enjoy a trip here also find themselves wanting to discover more of Scotland. The city of Glasgow is great for those seeking a party holiday with cultural sights and the city of Dundee is close to the coast and is perfect for those seeking beach holidays, as is city of Inverness.


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