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Copenhagen City Breaks – Perfect for Everybody

Holiday Homes for Your Copenhagen City Breaks

Denmark is one of the most popular destinations for those in need of recuperation and relaxation on their holidays, but for those who after a splash of excitement in-between, make sure you book holiday rentals in Copenhagen for an amazing getaway. A Copenhagen city break is just what you need as the combination of city life and Danish culture is a fantastic mix and a trip here is suitable for those coming as a family, large group, couple or on your own.

Explore the Metropolis in Denmark

You can find the capital of Denmark on the largest island Zealand, found along the Baltic Sea. For keen art fans, start off at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptoek. With collections and paintings from over 6000 years old, you reach across many centuries and millenniums in terms of art. From French Impressionist to Mediterranean art, you will be fascinated by the large selection here. Afterwards, head to the Tivoli Gardens as during April till September, there is a large amusement park here which comes to live! With various rides and entertainment, it is the perfect way to spend your evening during your Copenhagen city breaks. In the evenings, if you are after other activities to do or places to visit, why not start at the Copenhagen Opera House. With various plays and pieces on throughout the year, you are bound to find something suitable for everyone, including the little ones! If you are wanting to go out and party, the city of Copenhagen has a lot to offer and more! With various pubs, bars and clubs found throughout the city, those party animals will be spoilt for choice during their city breaks to Copenhagen.

City Breaks Copenhagen – Explore the Danish Outdoors

For fans of the outdoors, you will also find plenty of practically untouched corners also in the city of Copenhagen. Explore the Cliffs of Stevns, which are enriched in Danish history and offer amazing views whilst walking along these cliffs. There is the Hojerup Church can also be found at the edge of the cliffs here and is a great place to visit as it offers stunning views of the wonderful sights to be found here. You will feel completely at ease during your getaway and de-stressed from life. Although you enjoy a great trip here but next time you fancy visiting other great Danish cities, then Aarhus and Odense are definitely up your street. With a wide range of accommodation available in the online catalogue, you will find a holiday home to suit you, all your needs and the little ones!

 Copenhagen city breaks - family all together 


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