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Book Your Budapest City Breaks For a Great Holiday in Hungary

Book Holiday Rentals in the Heart of Budapest

Budapest is an extremely popular tourist destination and it is easy to see why many book a Budapest city break for an extended getaway. From its intriguing culture to its fascinating history, enjoy the vibrant city and this will be a holiday you will never forget!

Explore the Exciting Sights of the City

One of the most popular activities for those during their city breaks to Budapest is taking a language lesson! With various courses easy to find throughout the city, it has been an increasingly popular tourist past time! Learn the basics and even meet new people during your crammed language session! Afterwards, head up to Castle Hill where you get breathtaking views of the entire city. With the beautiful river Danube running through the city, the view from here looks just like a postcard but of course better! This river flows through various countries across Europe and even flows through the bordering country of Slovakia's capital, Bratislava. If you enjoy being on the waters and have previously visited the water-ridden city of Venice, then make sure you book yourself on a boat cruise of the river here and sail on the waters whilst admiring the views.

If you are after historical sights during your stay in the capital of Hungary, you will not be disappointed. The Shoes on the Danube Promenade is extremely moving and represents all the Jews that were persecuted during the Second World War. Head over to the Holocaust Memorial Center afterwards with the various memorials and exhibits here, it will really move you and is well worth a visit. Afterwards, why not treat yourself to some traditional Hungarian food in one of the various quaint cafés and restaurants in the city. Try the traditional Gulyas soup, a beef goulash soup. Stuffed cabbage and peppers are also popular and for those with a sweet tooth, the Gundel Palacsinta is a tasty treat filled with nuts and chocolate sauce! A slice of Dobos cake is not to be missed either, which is layered with chocolate and topped off with caramel and nuts. Delicious.

For those seeking nightlife, you will not be disappointed during your Budapest holiday. With various bars and clubs available throughout the city, the party goes on till the early hours and the electric atmosphere is a truly unique experience to the city. There is also a large selection of Hungarian beers available so make sure you sample some during your getaway here. If you had a great time on your Dublin or Prague city break, you are guaranteed to have a blast here as well!

City Breaks Budapest – A Memorable Trip!

Whether you are visiting as a couple, as a family, with friends or on your own, you will find countless activities to do and see during your stay in the holiday rentals available in the online catalogue. Budapest city breaks are a truly unique experience and enjoyable for all ages!

  Budapest city breaks - family all together  


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