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Berlin City Breaks - Book Your Getaway Today

Rent Family Holiday Accommodation For Your Berlin City Breaks

Plan your Berlin city breaks and experience the fantastic capital of Germany. This city has been a focal point for years for its history, culture and unique nightlife and is a great place to visit for a diverse holiday experience!

City Break Berlin – Explore the sights of the city

The city can be found close to Poland and the Polish border is less than 60 miles away. The city of Berlin has lots to offer every visitor. A focal point of the Cold War during the 20th Century, head to Checkpoint Charlie which was a crossing point from East to West Berlin. Stood as a monument today, it is well worth checking out whilst in the city. Afterwards, a mere 10 minute walk away, and you can check out the remains of the Berlin Wall and see where this famous wall once stood and divided the city. There are many history museums nearby detailing all of the events in the post World War II era as well as memorial sites such as the Berlin Wall Memorial Site, in remembrance of all of those who lost their lives trying to cross from West to East Berlin. The Jewish Museum Berlin is also well worth a visit during your city breaks to Berlin. It is dedicated to all of the victims who suffered at the hands of the Third Reich. Other great sights to visit in the city of Berlin include the Brandenburg Gate, massive pillars which have been at the forefront of Germany's history for years. The nearby German parliament, the Reichstag, can be found round the corner and if you go inside, you have a breathtaking overview of the city of Berlin!

City breaks Berlin – a unique experience!

After a day of exploring the sites, why not head to a Berlin café and sample some of the local cuisine available. The area of Kreuzburg is popular amongst residents and visitors alike although you are bound to find a decent eatery wherever you are! Sample the traditional German sausage, the Bratwurst, or the curried sausage, Currywurst. Often served in a bread bun, why not try German pretzels as well as they are truly delicious; although some Germans argue the best you can find are in Munich! If you do not feel like making your own breakfast, make sure you eat a traditional German breakfast of cheeses, sausages and hams with the best-made bread buns! For those with a sweet tooth, make sure you sample the traditional coffee and cake and select from a wide range of great German cakes. These include the Blackforest Gateau or Apfeltorte, a pastry made up with an apple filling.

If you are looking for places to go during the evening, then you will be spoilt for choice in Berlin. The nightlife here is extremely vibrant in this metropolis and there are many bars and clubs throughout the city so you can party till your hearts content! From everything to techno clubs in basements, to modern, contemporary clubs open til 7am, you will not be disappointed and lost for things to do during your trip here. Afterwards, retire to your holiday home. Choose from a large selection of holiday accommodation available in the online catalogue. From modern, luxury holiday apartments in Berlin Mitte, to cosy, family-friendly holiday rentals in Berlin Spandau and in Berlin Kladow, you will find a holiday home suitable for you!


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