A Fairytale Holiday Stay in a Castle

Immerse yourself in history and become embroiled into a whole new world. Let your inner child take over and feel like real life princes and princesses in your dream holiday home in a castle.

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As you come up the gravelly drive the enchanting view of the larger than life crumbling castle is breathtaking. Towers perfect for a princess and gorgeous intricate stain glass windows that the sun bounces off to give them a bejeweled effect.

The luxuries of a castle

Fall asleep and wake up every morning on a gorgeous king-sized luxurious canopy bed with stunningly draped curtains around it, making it feel like your own special oasis. Then leisurely eat your breakfast on the balcony while looking out of the beautiful gardens of the castle and the rolling hills beyond it in Scotland or England. Choose from a gorgeous mansion of a holiday home castle or choose a smaller more intimate holiday castle accommodation for just you and your loved one to cosy up in.

Lie back and relax in your castle

If you however want to catch some sunshine too then a great place to visit is Italy. Lie back and feel the sun warm your skin in the bright and colourful gardens of the castle with a lovely freshly squeezed lemonade to cool you down. Look out over the stunning vineyards in a variety of colours to explore and taste some of the freshest produce. Or go to France, find a magical holiday castle rental with a lovely pool and cool down in the lovely waters after a long day relaxing in the gorgeous sunshine.

Sun, sea and a castle

If you're just a beach loverat heart but still want to experience the magic of a holiday home castle, then go to Germany. Some of the most breathtaking castles here are located within a proximity to the beach and other wonderful places to explore like its enchanting forests and luscious fields. There's something for everyone here with gorgeous views, luxury beds and much more to make you feel truly pampered and you’ll never get bored.

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