Holiday homes in Poland with a boat included

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Holiday homes in Poland with a boat included

Poland - a vast country full of beautiful countryside to explore by boat on a great holiday rental getaway

Mountainous regions and amazing lakes - With so much diversity, Poland makes for an excellent family holiday or break with that special someone. In Poland, Masuria is without a doubt the best location to spend a holiday if you’re looking to hire a boat alongside your holiday home to spend some time on the water. Masuria itself is a unique region, as while its population was affected by persecution in the first and second world wars it has flourished as a tourist destination thanks to the astounding natural beauty of the region. Among the local specialities include Fish soups and smoked sausages cooked in a beer sauce.

The Lakeland of Masuria covers 20,000 square miles, making it a huge area of waterways, which range from canals and rivers, to expansive lakes. Surrounding the lakes are dense forests that are ideal for walking trips. The area is popular with tourists looking to escape the noise of city life and the local administration have encouraged tourism by mapping out routes of the boating trips you can take from Giżycko to Węgorzewo and Ruciane-Nida and Mikołajki to Pisz and Ryn. Plan your trip and enjoy exploring the region by boat and by foot. You could stop by and see The Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s former world war II fortress along the way or the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Keep an eye out for European Bison as these still roam around the parks.

Pomerania while most well-known for the breed of dog that shares its name, is Poland’s other great bastion of lakes and rivers. The area is known for its abundance of national parks which all have a multitude of lakes and rivers running through them. Choosing a holiday home with a boat included is the best way to really explore this region. Slowinski national park is one of the most diverse to visit as here you will encounter a lake, sandy dune and peat bog, something of a unique contrast to say the least! The biodiversity of the national park is equally impressive, as it is home to 75% of all of Poland’s native bird species. To contrast this, Wolinski national park is more of a mountainous area, full of tall pines and dense oak forests. Finally, visit the nature reserve at Slonsk, also home to a huge number of different bird species. 

Visit the coastline to see the Baltic Coastline and the seaside resorts of Lukecin or Poberowo and spend some time on the golden sandy beaches or venture out on your boat and enjoy the sea. The Kaszubian district of the region draws also comparisons to Switzerland, showing how much Pomerania has to offer. Choosing a holiday home with a boat included will give you as many options as possible for exploring inland and offshore. The Pomeranian lake district totals at 200 lakes and with interesting cities like Gdansk and Sopot to visit too, it really is a fantastic area for families and groups of friends. Pomerania and Masuria have become increasingly popular over the last few years and as Poland is fast becoming one of Europe’s most popular destinations for holidays, we advise booking your accommodation early to avoid disappointment.


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