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Book your holiday in Norway with a boat included

Holiday with a boat in Norway - Discover breathtaking fjords through the water

It's particularly the impressive nature that attracts numerous tourists every year to Norway. Especially in a Norwegian holiday house with boat, the Scandinavian country can be enjoyed full and its uniqueness can be appreciated. Book a holiday home in Norway with a boat on one of the many crystal-clear rivers and lakes or the most attractive fjords of the country make the Scandinavian holiday a special experience and especially for anglers, Norway offers the best conditions. Nothing will get in the way of your successful holiday - with a boat included!

Norway holidays - boat holidays in Norway

Norway is famous for its fjord coast. Through the numerous fjords and bays the Norwegian Atlantic coast reaches a length of over 25,000 kilometers, as well as the numerous islands surrounding the country. If you are spending your holiday here in a holiday house with a boat in Norway, you can not only experience the breathtaking nature of this unique coast, but you can also fish for your own fish for lunch. The fjord coast of the southern Norwegian province of Sogn is especially worth seeing and experiencing og Fjordane with the largest fjord of Norway, the Sognefjord and its many bays, or the coastal landscape near Vesterålen in northern Norway.

Not only on the coast, but also inland, on one of the many rivers and lakes of the country is the holiday in a holiday house with boat in Norway extremely attractive. From your own jetty you can go out on the lake, fishing or simply to enjoy silence and the beautiful landscape around you. The largest lake in the country is the Mjøsa lake in southern Norway with an area of ​​365 square kilometers and offers a wide range of holiday houses with boat in Norway. The Røssvatnet Lake, located in the northern part of Central Norway, is also extremely attractive to visitors who want to spend their holidays in a holiday home with a boat in Norway. More lakes with holiday houses with boats in Norway are, among others, the Lake Femund in Central Norway with its unique fauna and flora and the Femundsmarka National Park east of the lake, or Snåsavatnet, a true fishing paradise. The largest river in Norway is the Glomma, which flows into the Oslofjord at Frederikstad. There are also several holiday houses in Norway with a boat and a mooring to enjoy a unique nature holiday.

Besides the breathtaking nature, Norway has a lot more to offer. For visitors, of course, the capital Oslo with its numerous sights and museums, or the famous ski jumping facility at the Holmenkollen. Other places of interest are Trondheim and Bergen.


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