Idyllic Holidays in Italy with a boat

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Idyllic Holidays in Italy with a boat

Italy offers incredible destinations for everyone to enjoy. With a diverse landscape,  relaxing on a boat is popular along the coast but also inland on one of the many lakes. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, holidaymakers in Italy can expect glorious sun, warm waters and a cool sea breeze, perfect for spending some time relaxing on a boat. Choosing a holiday home or apartment with a boat included is a great way of adding another dimension to your holiday.

The Italian Escape

A great place to start is the Tuscan Islands. Explore the islands by boat, leaving from the town of Follonica. The seven major islands are a popular tourist destination due to their proximity to major cities. Elba, the largest island of the group is famous for harbouring Napoleon during his exile and is an ideal location to spend the day sailing around. The island is surrounded by beautiful, clear water and is the perfect spot for outdoor activities. The rich abundance of marine life means the island is an ideal spot for snorkelling and diving. In addition, Elba is great for mountain biking and hiking, meaning that you have a great range of outdoor activities to keep yourself entertained with.

The glamorous Amalfi Coast is a world-renowned and ever-popular tourist destination, as well as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The coastline is an ideal spot to enjoy a Italian break. Rent a Salerno holiday home or apartment and use this as a base from which to explore the crystal blue water from. The rugged, stunning shoreline provides the perfect backdrop on which to spend your day relaxing on the water and enjoying the Mediterranean sun. There are always local delicacies to try out in Italy but you can expect the freshest seafood, homemade pizzas and plenty of coffee to prepare you for a day of exploring.

Spend your holiday in Sardinia, one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. A stunningly beautiful island, the incredible clear blue water and the long stretches of golden sand beaches are tempting for just about everyone.With plenty of history, Sardinia has something for everyone and as a National Marine Park it is ideal for some diving or simply drifting around on the calming waters.

If you are keen on a more adventurous trip,  Sicily and the surrounding Aeolian Islands are a great spot to hire a boat or charter. Winds can often be strong around these islands but on a clear day all three of Italy's active volcanoes can be seen along the coastline; Stromboli, Vesuvius and Etna. Stop off or stay a night in a Lipari holiday apartment and explore the largest Aeolian Island. Thanks to the active volcano, there are natural thermal springs and mud baths to enjoy on the island when the weather is a little cooler.

Don't just sail on the sea

There are plenty of inland areas to enjoy during your trip. Lake Como, one of the largest lakes in Italy is a picturesque spot to enjoy your Italian getaway. Boats from dinghies, motorboats and yachts can be found all over Lake Como. For those wanting to get off the boat and into the water, the lake offers countless possibilities for water sports from kayaking, kite-surfing and canyoning, the whole family is sure to be entertained. With so many possibilities, your only difficulty is where to pick for your Italian holiday with a boat!



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