Wonderful boating holiday homes in Hungary

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Wonderful boating holiday homes in Hungary

The power of the water awaits in Hungary

Let the magic of Hungary envelop you and surprise you as you sail through its magnificent wanders and enjoy the breath-taking views and then return to your lakeside holiday accommodation to recuperate after a long day’s adventures. The lake in the South of Lake Balaton is a great place to stay with lots of varied boating opportunities right at your door step. Your holiday home by the water will either come with a boat or you can rent one and will most likely be surrounded by flourishing greenery and towering trees making it a wonderful enchanting little oasis of your own to stay in. 

If you´re feeling adventurous then you can go and visit Nyíregyháza – Sóstó which is a small lake that is known for having healing powers since the 15th century. Which makes it not just a beautiful lake to gently glide across in a boat but also has some magical elements to it. The surrounding area is lovely too. There is plenty to keep you busy around the small lake too after you´re finished rowing, across from the water are tasty restaurants ready to quench the appetite you´ve built up from a long day on the waters.

Then you can also explore the stunning parks that surround the lake and go through them to see if you can spot some of the stunning birds that the country has. Then after a long day of adventure, excitement and even maybe some magical discoveries it is only a short distance back to your lovely boating holiday home where you relax and unwind. A lot of holiday accommodation with or without a boat in Hungary also comes with a pool which is just the thing to wash away the days heat and feel yourself recuperate ready for the next days adventures.

Find the hidden treasures in the lake cave of Hungary           

A truly enchanting place to visit is The Lake Cave in Central Transdanubia, Tapolca. Here you can explore a 300-metre-long stretch of a cave by boat that is open to visitors. As you enter the low hung cave you´ll smell its fresh purifying air that is said to be beneficial for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases. While the air works its magic on you, take in the clear turquoise and emerald waters below you as the textured golden cave reflects on the water giving of an overall balayage effect. Above you the stunning rock formations twist and turn going form light to dark gradients and are illuminated by the glow of the azure waters below.  After exploring such a magical place there’s nothing better than going back to your holiday boat apartment and cosying up on the sofa with a snack to relax and reflect and the wonderous day you’ve had and will have again the next day.


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