Sun and Sea with a boating holiday in Greece

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Sun and Sea with a boating holiday in Greece

Holidays in Greece are a brilliant way to explore a country with thousands of miles of coastlines, islands and marine life. Characterised by historic cities surrounded in mythology, this Mediterranean destination is a must-visit. Start your trip and rent a holiday home in Athens, the capital of Greece situated on the mainland. Not only are there plenty of cultural sites to visit here including the famous Acropolis but the surrounding coastline offers another area to explore if you choose a holiday home with a boat. Going on holiday with friends or family in Greece will offer you warm weather, gorgeous cuisine and a refreshing coastal breeze that will leave you wanting to come for more.

Islands waiting to be explored

Greece and its 6000 islands are a haven waiting to be explored. Spend your holiday in Corfu, one of the Ionian Islands. The beautiful, lush green island offers plenty of beaches, the old town and numerous local Greek restaurants. Corfu also offers a lively night-life for visitors wanting to carry on the fun throughout the night. Across the islands, eco-sailing is growing in popularity while diving and marine tours are also favoured by tourists, who can even spot whales and dolphins if they are lucky. If you are keen diver, spend your holiday in Chios, regarded as one of the best diving sites in Greece with caves, tunnels and wrecks. If you are an experienced diver, having your own boat will give you the freedom to explore the seafloor at your own leisure. Another popular diving spot is Santorini. World-renowned as a top sunset location, staying in a Santorini holiday home amongst the whitewashed houses, is one of the most peaceful and stunning landscapes.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, holidays in Greece are popular year-round. If you would like to escape the summer crowds, visiting between September and May recommended. Although there are too many locations to suggest, the island of Euboea (also called Evia) is a stunning destination. With long, white sandy beaches, small villages and forested mountains, relaxing in a Euboea holiday apartment could be your idea of heaven. The island is home to sailing clubs, where visitors can also take part and the area is calm enough to use your holiday boat too.


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