Holiday in Germany with a boat - discover the Lakes and the North Sea

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Holiday in Germany with a boat - discover the Lakes and the North Sea

Germany is an exciting holiday destination for the whole family and is made even better by having a boat. With plenty of inland and coastal areas to explore, you will not be disappointed with the beauty and diversity of Germany. From about boating in Berlin, sailing along the Rhine Gorge, Lake Constance or around the country's largest island Rügen, holiday homes in Germany serve as the perfect base from which to explore your surroundings by water.

Travel to Spreewald, about one hour’s drive south east of Berlin. A picturesque and lush green region, the beautiful area is made up of gentle streams, waterways and canals surrounded by forests and wetlands. This makes for an ideal backdrop for a peaceful and romantic boating break in a traditional Spreewald punting boat. Another popular German sailing hotspot is Wadden Sea National Park. Located on Germany’s North Sea coast in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, the area is ideal for those wanting to get up close to nature. Sail along the shores where you will see a variety of sea birds, seals and if you’re lucky enough, dolphins. Wadden Sea National Park is also home to salt marshes, pristine beaches and mud flats; the feeding grounds for migratory birds like geese, gulls, ducks and waders.

A Day on the Lakes

You’ll have no problem finding a Germany holiday home in Berlin providing a great base from which to enjoy a  holiday with some water activites. Lake Wannsee is a perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors, being one of the most popular locations in the capital city. The open-air lido is the largest inland lido in Europe and has its beach stretches almost 1,300km. Wannsee hosts various sailing clubs to enjoy, as well as rental of pedal, sail and rowing boats.

One of the top sailing holiday destinations in Germany is Lake Constance (Bodensee). Located on the Rhine at the foot of the Alps, the lake stretches across the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Consisting of three bodies of water, Lake Constance is 39 miles in length and almost 9 miles wide. Other than sailing, there are plenty of water-sports available, including sailing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming. The summer months are particularly popular here so make sure you reserve a holiday home well in advance of your visit. Whilst on the water, navigate your way around and explore the lake’s three main islands, Mainau, Reichenau and Lindau each island contains its own unique history. Have your camera ready for some memorable holiday photographs.

Relaxing Island Trips

If it’s a holiday on an island you’re after, why not book a holiday cottage in Rügen? As Germany’s largest island, Rügen is the place to be for lovers of nature, history and architecture. Found off the Pomeranian Coast in the Baltic Sea, the island has been a top seaside resort for almost two hundred years. There are almost 37 miles of coastline to cruise around, alongside sandy beaches and majestic white cliffs. To get the most out of your stay here, reserve a holiday apartment in Binz, Rügen’s main resort. Once you want to head back to land, there are plenty of recreational activities such as golf, horseback riding, hiking or even hot-air ballooning available here. Whether you prefer the cool sea breeze of the North Sea or the tranquil waters of one of Germany's many natural lakes and rivers, you will find something right for your holiday in Germany.                                               


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