Holiday homes in France with a boat included

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Holiday homes in France with a boat included

From the magnificent Mediterranean coastline of the French Riviera, to boating on one of the country's many inland lakes and waterways, France makes a dream destination for those looking to embark upon a spectacular holiday. There is the sprawling blue of the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast and the sprawling acres of artificial lakes inland, offering a whole host of options when it comes to deciding your destination for a boating holiday in France. Wherever you're headed, make sure accommodation is at the forefront of your mind, whether you have your heart set on a rural holiday cottage in France, or something more substantial.                                  

The Perfect Break for Boating Novices and Seasoned Sailors

No matter whether it's you first time on a boat, or whether you're a dab hand, France is an ideal choice of destination. Not only does this beautiful country offer some of the  most diverse coastal stretches of any country in Europe but there's also plenty to discover onland too. Approximately an hour from the Roman town of Troyes lies Lake Der-Chantecoq, one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe. With balmy temperature highs during summer, this sprawling lake is a great first-stop for newcomers. Finding affordable accommodation to suit all your needs, need not be a difficult task. Keep things traditional and enjoy the rural delights of the country with a holiday cottage. Prefer more contemporary surroundings? A holiday apartment is a great choice if you're after sleek and modern accomodation.

Enjoy Year Round Sailing Excursions

Much of France experiences a temperate climate, giving the it mild values for much of the year. During summer months, temperatures tend to soar to average highs of around 25 degrees Celsius, although sizzling heat waves aren't uncommon. The French Riviera remains an incredibly popular spot for boating holidays and whether you're boating solo or headed with the whole family, you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable time. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery of France's Mediterranean regions from the water as you bask in the sunshine. Some of the most beautiful destinations for some a holiday with a boat include Nice and Fréjus. Wherever you go in France, renting a holiday home with a boat included will add another fantastic activity to your holiday experience.


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