Holiday homes in Finland great for boating

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Holiday homes in Finland great for boating

Setting sail on the Finnish seas

In Finland nature takes priority, they have an ´everyman´s law´ which means you can explore the whole country to your hearts content and pick and mix between all the tantalising sweets that nature has to offer.

The biggest lake in Finland is called Lake Saimaa and is located in the east, there are endless idyllic boating holiday accommodation options in this area right by the water where the boat is included, or you can rent one nearby. Step right out of your front door and you´re surrounded by an abundance of nature, the trees that overcast the lake with their looming branches makes it perfect for little boat trips to further explore the area and all the surrounding islands. You´ll be delving right into the history of Finland, one of Lake Saimaa´s islands has the Olavinlinna castle which is a hidden treasure to find and explore. While sailing across the deep blue seas underneath are the delightful and sweetest Saimaa Ringed seals, they are endangered water seals left behind by the ice age and it is a true treat to spot one. Then at the end of your day exploring the seas return to your cosy holiday cottage buried between the trees and protected by the lakes surrounding it.

Finland´s spell bounding Lapland

A truly magical place to visit in Finland where the sun sometimes never sleeps in the summer and your boating adventures can last an eternity is Lapland. While sailing through its crystal-clear waters, you´ll come across endless enchanting sights. The golden honey colored eyes of the reindeers in their haven or in the winter when their eyes change to an icy blue, is one of nature’s true wonders. If you´d like to do something truly magical on your trip you can also watch the northern lights from your holiday rentals boat in the middle of the water in an oasis of your own.


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