Croatian holidays with a boat- explore islands and the Adriatic

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Croatian holidays with a boat- explore islands and the Adriatic

As one of the most beautiful and historic countries in Europe, where better a place to spend a holiday than in Croatia? With a coastline stretching over almost 1800 km on the Adriatic Sea and over 1200 islands and inlets to explore, renting a holiday home with a boat in Croatia will always leave you wanting more. Whether planning your getaway as a solo traveller, your loved one or with family, you can be sure that your time spent both on land and sea will be unforgettable.

Sail to cities, islands, coves & caves

Due to its location on the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia offers plenty of opportunities for some excursions with a boat. Start your holiday in the city of Dubrovnik, one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. Here you can stroll through the red-roofed old town, visit the 15th Century Gornji Ugao Tower or relax on Banje Beach, right in the heart of the city. From the city, you can escape the summer crowds and sail to the beautiful Elafiti Islands. There are many companies that can be found in the city that offer a trip to see and explore the three largest islands; Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan. Alternatively, you could use your own boat and cruise around the islands at your own leisure. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, cruising through Croatia's many wonderful islands and cities is fantastic during summer, with the clear Adriatic Sea just a jump away from cooling you down. Holidays in Croatia do not necessarily  have to take place during the summer months as with plenty of sunshine and less tourists, the winter months are also a perfect time to visit Croatia and feel like it is the summer all over again!

If you enjoy this region of the country, head slightly up the coast and rent a holiday apartment in Makarska, less than a 3 hour drive from Dubrovnik. Explore the coast by boat and stroll down the palm-fringed promenade and the characteristic old town. From Makarska, head out to the island of Hvar. With crystal blue water, small beach inlets and even more islands, Hvar is a great spot to spend the day or even rent a holiday apartment for the night. You could even rent a holiday home with a pool, allowing you to relax in your own space with friends or family.

One of the most incredible locations to spend your Croatian sailing holiday are the Kornati Islands. The islands are a National Park and is often referred to as “nautical paradise”, as they are rich with marine life. Made up of 89 rugged islands, you can easily spend hours sailing through the inlets, caves and reefs of Kornati. There aren’t any holiday homes here to rent so if you want to explore this area, we advise staying in the city of Zadar just north of the islands, which offers plenty of holiday rentals to choose from. Zadar is the oldest city in the country and is home to plenty of historical sites and museums to learn more about Zadar's long history. If you want a little break from the sea, visit the Paklenica National Park, a mountain forest park with plenty of walking, hiking and bicycle trails to enjoy the wonderful nature that surrounds you.

The Dalmatian Coast: Sail from end to end

Whichever town or city you decide to visit, or island you explore, Croatia's incredible coast will enchant you the whole way. Other popular coastal locations to stay in Croatia include Split and Pula. The country's rich and diverse coastline is just waiting to be explored. Book a holiday home in Croatia to begin your journey today. Enjoy!


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