Make the most of Sweden - holiday homes with a boat included

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Make the most of Sweden - holiday homes with a boat included

Sweden is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for those who fancy spending some time on the water during their holiday break and it isn’t difficult to see why as there are 85,700 large lakes in Sweden. Helped by a relatively warm climate for somewhere on the equator, a holiday in Sweden is guaranteed to give you natural beauty and cosmopolitan cities alike.

The contrast between the two makes Sweden a unique place and choosing a holiday home with a boat included will allow you to explore the calm waterways at your own leisure. Central Sweden isn’t just home to the capital though, Dalarna has been named as the most quintessential Swedish province and here you will find Lake Siljan, one of the most beautiful in Scandinavia. It is difficult to think of a better location to sit on a boat for an afternoon.

Stockholm as the capital of Sweden offers beaches, rivers and canals which offer visitors clean waters and a closeness to nature that can go amiss in city areas. The Nörrstrom which acts as a waythrough to the North sea is home to Salmon and Sea Trout in abundance, making it ideal for those who like fishing. While the Baltic Sea can be quite chilly for most of the year, in the summer it offers a refreshing contrast to the heat. From the more relaxed Fredhällsbadet to the family -friendly Smedsuddsbadet, you will certainly be able to find the right beach for you.

The East of Sweden will offer you a slightly more wild experience. Dominated by unspoiled forests and dreamy lakes, East Sweden is the ideal place to spend some time on your boat, watching the sun set into the distance or doing some fishing. Exploring this area is made all the more easier by having access to a boat. The Pite Rier runs through eastern Sweden all the way to the other side of the country and features some spectacular scenery, including the Storforsen waterfall. The Kalix river offers more fishing opportunities and if you are lucky, you will be able to catch some huge salmon here.

To the West, Sweden offers more smaller fishing villages, national parks and islands too. If oysters are your thing, Grebbestad hauls in 90% of Sweden’s catch, so you can expect only the best to be served in the restaurants and inns dotted along the coast and the Kosterhavet national marine park is well worth visiting as well. Göthenberg is the crown jewel of Sweden’s West coast and regarded as one of the most interesting cities in the region, it provides tourists with a satisfyingly modern experience that feels closer to Europe than Scandinavia. The Museum of Art here is one of the highlights and is regarded as one of the finest in Northern Europe. Visit Älvsborg fortress and learn about the conflicts with the Danes or wander around Magasinsgatan, the trendiest part of the city. Venture out of the city to the Southern Archipelago and you will find plenty of spots to make use of a boat on the Southern Archipelago. Sweden truly has so much to offer tourists in land and on the coast. If you want to be able to hike in the wild, explore modern cities full of culture and relax on the rivers or the coast, a holiday home in Sweden with a boat included will have all bases covered for a stunning holiday that you won’t forget in a hurry!


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