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Book barrier free holiday accomodation in the Netherlands

Out and about without obstacles - barrier-free holidays in the Netherlands

Windmills, Gauda, tulips and wooden shoes are inseparable from the name of the Netherlands and serve many a tourist cliché. In the Netherlands, interesting cities, beautiful buildings and hospitable people await your visit. Between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, there are beautiful landscapes and quite a lot of green to discover. You are looking for mountains and hills in vain and so are extended trips on beautiful flat paths for everyone a treat. In spring, you will be greeted by extensive tulip fields, for example on the Keukenhof, where you will be pampered with the most intense colors and the most fragrant plants will enchant your senses. The entire park is wheelchair compatible and a feast for all nature lovers.

Museums and canals next to ornate houses

Amsterdam is on the front line of Dutch tourist attractions. The unique canal belt, which runs through the old town like a spider web and the city brings more bridges than Venice, should not be missed. A romantic ride through the canals of Amsterdam is offered by some providers as easily accessible and wheelchair accessible, although you should inform the organisers in advance. The famous museums, such as the Rijksmuseum, which is the Dutch National Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum are both fully wheelchair accessible, and offer cultural enjoyment of the highest quality in their extensive collections.

Openlucht and windmills

In order to be able to experience the different facets of the country whilst travelling through the Netherlands, you visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinderdijk. 19 windmills, located in a splendid amphibious landscape just outside Rotterdam, serve every yearning idea of classic Dutch buildings. Open-air museums, known in the Netherlands as Openluchtmueen, lure visitors throughout the country with their magnificent facilities and historic buildings. The example of the Arnhem Museum shows that the history of the country can be compressed into the extensive area of the museum and promises something interesting and exciting at the same time.

Accommodation on Dutch soil

For accessible travel through the Netherlands, countless holiday apartments are available as a possible holiday homes. Especially in Friesland, many operators offer wheelchair accessible apartments, which, in addition to a luxurious interior, are also located in beautiful locations. Directly on canals and lakes, you can enjoy the unclouded view of the scenic charm of the harsh, Frisian country. A holiday home on the idyllic IJsselmeer, which has been demoted to inland waters by the more than thirty-kilometer-long dike, offers a special place to indulge in rest and relaxation. The ship lock at Den Oever stops every 30 minutes to all traffic on the highway, crosses the lanes and lets the ships pass from the IJsselmeer into the North Sea. Also by the sea and suitable for barrier-free holidays are the United Kingdom and Switzerland.


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