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Book barrier free holiday accomodation in Switzerland

Barrier Free Holidays – Switzerland
Switzerland is a perfect holiday destination for easy access and barrier free holiday homes

Switzerland lies in the centre of Europe and takes its visitors into a world of striking mountains, emerald-green lakes and magnificent valleys. Pulsating cities, hospitable people and culinary delights, such as the protected trademarks "Swiss cheese" and "Swiss chocolate", pamper the guest with all your senses. The most spectacular passes take you to all corners of the Alpine state, and the ascent of the Furka or Oberalp Pass opens up views of snow-capped peaks and lush alpine meadows. If you set out to conquer the peaks of up to 4600 meters high mountains, you should take a ride on the Jungfraujoch, from where you can see the largest glacier in the Alps, the Aletsch Glacier.

Easily accessible destinations

The "Top of Europe", as the Jungfraujoch is called, offers a stay that is almost one hundred percent accessible for the disabled and thus lacks any foundation for the statement that mountains and wheelchairs are incompatible. The train ride from Täsch to Zermatt is no obstacle for a wheelchair holiday in Switzerland, nor is the enjoyment of the world-famous Glacier Express, which will allow you to travel further from Täsch via Davos to St. Moritz. The largest waterfall in the Rhine, the Rhine Falls, is a perfect destination to be enchanted by foaming spray and natural forces and in the Basel Land there's lush green meadows and grazing sheep for those seeking the countryside for some relaxation on a barrier free holiday.

Urban centres and the secret capital

With Bern, Geneva, Basel and Zurich, Switzerland has numerous historic cities that captivate every visitor and are easily accessible. The secret capital is the metropolis of Zurich, even though Bern officially holds this position. Zurich's Cathedral Bridge or the Old Town of Bern, which is included in its entirety in the list of UNESCO World Heritage, are just some of the urban beauties of Switzerland. But it is not just the big cities that are worth a visit, but also Lucerne on Lake Lucerne with its famous Kapellbrücke, where a stair lift is available for wheelchair users, and St. Gallen with its collegiate church, the tranquil old town and the inviting monastery quarter Linger and be amazed.

Accommodations for people with handicaps

Throughout Switzerland, many hotels and guesthouses have "barrier-free accommodation Switzerland" on their flags and offer the guest various possibilities to choose between different offers. From the youth hostel to the luxury hotel, all options are open and offer the right choice for every demand and every budget. From the hotel room to enjoy the unobstructed view of the characteristic Matterhorn, is just as possible to circumnavigate in the fashionable St. Moritz the glorious green shimmering Moritzsee. You can also go around many lakes in a barrier-free holiday in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Norway.


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