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Book barrier free holiday accomodation in Norway

Your barrier-free holiday in Norway

Norway, the northernmost country in continental Europe, attracts with incomparable natural beauties, endless expanses and hospitable people. From Kristiansand to the almost barren north cape, the country spreads over a total length of 1700 kilometers and has countless fjords, islands and valleys.

All vacationers are welcome

All who visit the beloved country" sung in the national anthem should have the same options and possibilities, and so almost all facilities are accessible for the disabled. No public sanitary facilities, no museum or showroom, which would not be accessible to people with handicaps; An elevator and loanable wheelchairs are available in the Nordkaphalle. The Atlantic Road between Molde and Kristiansund has been chosen by the Norwegians as the construction of the century and offers tourists a worthwhile detour, as even dolphins playing in the wild can be observed there. A well-developed infrastructure for tourists of all needs is omnipresent and promises carefree holidays in the freest country in Europe.

Norwegian means of transportation

The most famous representative, the inland arms, is the Geirangerfjord in southern Norway. A ferry ride to the down-streaming "Seven Sisters", the thundering waterfalls of the fjord, offers the best way to approach their beauty. All ferries in Norway have special parking places to be able to leave the vehicle with the wheelchair and, like most other passengers, to go to upper deck and enjoy the impressions. For wheelchair users, for example in the famous Bergensbanan, which operates between Oslo and Bergen, a wheelchair does not present any obstacles. The public transport system is accessible to people with disabilities at any time and there are also special benefits for accompanying persons and the traveler himself.

Apartments & Co.

More and more private providers are apparently joining in the idea of "barrier-free apartment Norway" and offer their guests cozy and luxurious accommodation options. Whether you want to enjoy a holiday home with its own beach section in Lofoten, or you want to roam through snow-covered landscapes in the winter sports Mecca Geilo; Each region has well-equipped apartments from which, if possible, you never want to move out. For who does not enjoy the view of the whitish-golden midnight sun from the veranda of their own apartment and goes on the barrier-free ways to a night outing, with the sun still high on the horizon, the waves of the North Atlantic in a mystical light surfaced.

Arctic Circle, North Cape, Lofoten and the lovely valleys in Fjord Norway, such as the Hallingdal or Numedal, lure with unparalleled landscapes, cultural highlights and all the benefits for people who want to explore Norway with ease. The predicate "barrier-free" is quite appropriate for the whole "Norge".


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