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Book barrier free holiday accomodation in Italy

Barrier-free travel in Italy

Whether old or young, male or female, everyone wants to relax during their holidays and gain new experiences. With barrier free holiday homes and apartments in Italy you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. Casamundo makes barrier free holiday homes affordable and easy to book.

Italy as your perfect destination for an accessible holiday

The Italian culture and the Mediterranean cuisine make this European country very popular as a tourist destination. Italy offers are almost unlimited and incredibly diverse. If you want to spend your holiday enjoying all that Italy has to offer, then you need a barrier-free holiday apartment or a wheelchair-accessible hotel room as a first prerequisite to be able to visit these many sights.

It is often not very easy to find a barrier-free apartment or a suitable hotel room at the desired resort and it often requires a slightly longer search effort, but we have plenty of holidays and accommodation available. Southern Italy is more difficult with regards to accessibility when traveling around the coast and public transport should not be relied on to have this accessibility.

Barrier-free accommodations

Many Italian monuments date back to the time of the Romans, so are ancient and partly dilapidated buildings. These structures often do not have sufficient accessibility for wheelchair users. In many cases, due to the centuries-old building fabric, there is also a lack of technical possibilities to make structural changes and thus facilitate access to these structures. As already mentioned above, the Italians are generally very helpful and considerate and do a lot, also with regard to sightseeing, possible.
A barrier-free apartment, which has direct access to the beach and sea, is extremely popular with wheelchair users. But there is one more thing to consider: not only the apartment must be designed to be barrier-free, and access to the sea must be possible for people with wheelchairs. This can be ensured, for example, by ramps or webs that run across the sand.


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