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Barrier free Greek holiday homes

Tips and hints for an easy Greek holiday

A lovely place in Greece to visit is Anissaras or Analipsi in Crete, they are both close to the airport and generally flat in landscape. There is a lovely flat pathway that stretches between the two villages linking them together and to the beach which is covered in lovely golden sand. Both villages have plenty of sights to see and places to explore all day long. If you decide to stay in one of our great barrier free holiday homes in Athens, then aim for one a short distance to a Metro station because in Athens all of them are wheelchair accessible and the metro stations are gorgeous. When they were originally created it took a very long time because they often stumbled upon artefacts and therefore a lot of these artefacts still adorn the stations. When entering it´s like going into a real archaeological dig making them a museum of sorts. When it comes to dining the two best locations for easy access restaurants are in the Plaka neighbourhood and on Syntagma Square, here you’ll find plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating and no steps needed to get up.

Let the Greek adventures begin

A great classic is always to take a tour. But often enough sightseeing is a difficult activity for traveller with reduced mobility, but luckily there is a great company called Christianakis Travel. They are the first company in Greece to open that specialises in tours for those with reduced moboility. They cover all the possible basis that you could possibly need, from providing transportation, guides to escort you around the attractions to helping you make your very own personalised itinerary. Another great company in Greece is Wheelchair in Athens, from them you can rent a wheelchair for people who have difficulties walking, they fold up so that they´ll fit in a car, bus or train. They also rent oxygen concentrators for those who struggle with breathing and provide you with oxygen bottles so that your adventures around Greece can last as long as you like. Even though the name suggests that they are solely available in Athens they do deliver outside of Athens too, giving you even more options therefore when choosing the perfect barrier free holiday home for your stay.

Today is the day to see Korinthos

This is a great town to visit if you’re in a wheelchair or struggle to walk. It has many things to offer including a very rich and deep history with a stunning scenery to surround it. There´s a great resort that you can visit for the day that has its own private beach with wheelchair access meaning that if you struggle to walk or can’t walk it’s the perfect place to go to be able to feel the salty clear blue waters. After that you can go explore its ancient city which is small but full of wonders, making it an easy but still very exciting trip. There is also the Korinthos Canal which is a shortcut connection between the Aegean and Ionian seas. You can take a boat ride along it in between the towering cliffs and then explore Nafplion which is a gorgeous Greek town overflowing with neoclassical mansions and graceful old houses. 


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