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Book barrier-free holiday accomodation in Germany

Discover Germany with a barrier free holiday

Holiday with a wheelchair in Germany

A dream of a holiday should be accessible to everyone. Numerous apartments and holiday homes are nowadays specially adapted to the needs of people with requirements for their disability and present themselves as barrier-free. Due to this special feature, travelers can can easily reach all corners of the accommodation and are usually on a flat ground, which is particularly beneficial for wheelchair users. Other features such as the wide doors, large rooms as well as passable showers are available in a barrier-free apartment or a disabled-friendly holiday house. In addition, the kitchens of these accommodations are distinguished by their sophisticated concept. If this type of apartment is of a very high standard, a second bathroom, including a bathtub suitable for disabled persons, is standard as well as versatile height-adjustable beds.

Have a varied choice of barrier free accommodation in Germany

Whether on a sightseeing tour through the largest cities of the country like Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen or Munich, an excursion to the mountains or a trip to the East or North Sea - during your travels in Germany, vacation dreams come true. Depending on how advanced the degree of disability is, the holidaymakers can travel on their own or take advantage of a supervised trip to help with numerous everyday tasks.

If this choice has been made, a variety of destinations can also be advertised within Germany. For example, holidaymakers with reduced mobility are given the opportunity to undertake trips to the Allgäu to be mesmerized by the magic of the landscape and to be able to look at cities like Wangen or Lindau. The Baltic Sea is also very popular with travelers. After all, the fresh sea air like balm for the soul and the sea bridges, some of which reach several hundred meters into the sea, invite people to feel the maritime ambience at first hand. Numerous barrier free accommodations are also to be found in the Eifel. In the nature park of the High Venn-Eifel, holidaymakers with reduced mobility are given the opportunity to explore a gigantic herb garden on a 2500 m² site or to take a look at a cold-water geyser.


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