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Book barrier-free holiday accommodation in France

Holidays are incredibly important, they should not become a stressful experience because of the lack of facilities and accommodation. France is therefore an ideal destination for a relaxing and easily accessible holiday. Here, travelers have access to a range of facilities, accommodation and transport facilities for the disabled. But also for people without disabilities, France is a great holiday destination where you can have a wonderful holiday.

Determine and personalise your ideal destination without restrictions

French barrier free holiday homes are very varied and offered in a variety of locations. You are able to personalise your home to cater for your needs, such as brining a pet, having wifi or even having a swimming pool! In general, the French climate is relatively mild in almost every region and the likelihood of rain is rather low, except in the French Alps and the north of the country. Every French region has its own special charm, sights, food and attractions. Whether it is the city of Paris, Marseille, Loiret, Lyon or Toulouse. Love the water? Then experience an unforgettable beach holiday on the Cote d 'Azur on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Relax and unwind on your accessible holiday

To really enjoy your holiday, it is important to find the right accommodation. Here you will find many well-equipped and furnished houses. If prefer spaciousness and independence, then you should decide on your France trip for a barrier-free apartment. Here you are free to have your holiday in France according to your ideals and desires, without sacrificing quality of life and individual freedom. In a barrier-free apartment you will at home and will feel safe and comfortable.


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