Accessible accommodations in Denmark

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Accessible accommodations in Denmark

Denmark lies between the North Sea and Baltic Sea and entices with its many small islands, great clear sea air and long beaches to make a holiday. Denmark is one of the countries in Europe that has been working for years to help wheelchair-bound people with mobility impairments get wheelchair-accessibility in their country. The tourist centers, municipalities and catering areas have prepared themselves for guests with particular needs in several parts of Denmark.

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The new buildings of authorities and hotels, museums are today mostly barrier-free, so that you won't normally have to worry about accessibility, but this can't be guarenteed. Denmark has disabled access to the beaches in many areas, including the normal coastline. Most of the cottages, the main tourist accommodation in Denmark, are wheelchair accessible both indoors and outdoors.

Arriving by car is possible without any problems. If you would like to travel by train, you should plan and book the trip for the long term. Also in Denmark the escort of a wheelchair user or a blind person gets a free ticket. There is the possibility in Denmark to borrow special aids, which can be ordered by phone or by internet. Lifts, care beds, wheelchairs, rollators, stair climbers and a repair service are available around the clock.

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Northern Denmark and West Jutland are optimally prepared. In addition, you are able to have your barrier-free apartment or cottage near a city with emergency clinic. Some houses are completely barrier-free, have open wardrobes, special bathrooms with all utilities, whirlpool with lifter, nursing bed and a wheelchair-accessible kitchen. Here it’s a holiday paradise for a holiday with all accessibility needs, families and even the dog is invited!


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