Accessible holiday homes in Croatia

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Accessible holiday homes in Croatia

Do you want to spend your holiday in an accessible location and in an attractive country with amazing surroundings? Book your holiday rental in Croatia! Zagreb, the capital, is nestled in Central Croatia, in the vast Pannonian plain; you will find many rentals of houses fulfilling the conditions of a suitable accommodation for people with reduced mobility to allow holidays accessible to all. Why not choose a beautiful house with pool and facilities for disabled people in Zagreb? Following the green horseback, you will discover many historical and cultural sites. Istria to the west, Kvarner Bay and finally Dalmatia to the south of the country, enjoy a very Mediterranean climate.

Make the best choice by renting a car in Croatia for your accessible holiday

To guarantee an optimal stay for people with reduced mobility, it is very useful to draw up a list of the conditions that the holiday rental in Croatia must fulfill: if you choose a house or villa rental, it may be interesting to have a direct access by car and little or no steps / stairs. If your choice is more about an apartment, inquire about the presence of an operational elevator and wide enough to accommodate people in wheelchairs. But rest assured: our offer includes such apartments and holiday rentals. Also check if the doors in the accommodation are wide enough and if ramps for disabled people are available when steps are to be taken. The rooms are, ideally, very spacious. A bathroom accessible to all ideally has many handles, especially to facilitate entry into the shower / bath.

Renting homestay is a good principle that allows you to rub shoulders with Croatians proud of their heritage who sometimes produce their wine or olive oil and who will always find a way to help you make the most of your stay. Istria and Dalmatia are some of the favorite destinations for holidaymakers looking for a pleasant stay in Croatia. In Istria, rent accommodation suitable for disabled people in Gajana to spend a few days discovering this region. In Dalmatia, the Plitvice lakes offer a very particular configuration, each of the 16 lakes being connected to the next by waterfalls. This national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and very famous in Croatia, is accessible to all at the first entrance. You will quite easily find a rental adapted for people with reduced mobility near the park. Also visit the city of Zadar: a villa rental by the sea would allow you to admire the beautiful beach daily! If you want to refresh yourself without having to go to the beach, choose one of our rentals in Croatia with swimming pool. Split is a port city worth visiting in Central Dalmatia. The apartments that dominate the city offer a breathtaking view of the coast!

The mountainous regions are sparsely populated and it will be necessary to envisage your accommodation adapted to the people with reduced mobility in one of the cities in border of this perimeter. Even though Dinara (1,830 meters) is the highest peak in Croatia, the mountain range of Biokovo is home to Mount Sveti Jure (1,762 meters), whose ascent is surprising and offers every mountain an extraordinary panorama. . From Makarska, you can find your vacation rental in Croatia to the south.

A city not to be missed for rent in Croatia: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic, welcomes you in your vacation rental in Croatia. You enter by the Pile Gate, then come the Placa (the Stradum) and the various religious buildings (Synagogue of the XIVth century and Convent of the Dominicans) which seduce by their good state. If you book a Dubrovnik holiday home, you will love this extraordinary city where a suitable accommodation for people with reduced mobility makes the holidays accessible to everyone. However, access to the old town is not always easy, this area consists of small cobbled streets and many steps. People with disabilities who want to explore Dubrovnik should opt for neighborhoods like Lapad or Gruz, more easily accessible and equipped with more facilities for people with reduced mobility than the old city.


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