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Everyone deserves the luxury of a holiday and travelling with disabilities or as a wheelchair-user is now easier than ever. With improved accessibility, barrier-free holidays are possible not only in the UK, but across Europe and the USA.

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Disabled Access holidays: Simple and straightforward

Examples include having handles in the bath, a level access shower,  handrails outside of the property and additional storage space for any specialist equipment. Simply use the “barrier free” option in the search tool to find appropriate holiday homes that suit your requirements. Other preferable features include generously sized rooms to ensure wheelchair users can move easily and adjustable beds to adapt to the needs of the user.

Recommended locations are destinations with a lot of open space and beautiful landscapes and especially areas that are flat – the Netherlands would be a great option for this. Staying somewhere picturesque means you can either explore outside or enjoy the views from the comfort of your holiday home. Why not enjoy a stay in a holiday cottage in Scotland and immerse yourself in the wonderful Scottish landscape? For those who cannot travel far, barrier-free holiday homes in the UK can be reached within a matter of hours, allowing you more time to enjoy your break. Barrier-free travel does not however,  have to take place in the UK – head across the border to the beautiful Provence in France and treat yourself to the local French delicacies or enjoy a walk in the lush green countryside.

Although previously associated with an increased organisational effort, finding your perfect barrier-free holiday home and enjoying your special trip is no longer a difficult task. Enjoy your holiday!

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