Wellness Holiday Homes in Sweden

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Wellness Holiday Homes in Sweden

Visit Sweden's far North to discover some of the most stunning landscapes, in the winter months discover the gorgeous rivers and waterfalls which look like they’ve been frozen in time and the forests bending together to make an oasis under the vast heavy snow. Breath in the fresh air of the trees and feel yourself relax. Or visit Lapland, while the journey there can be tricky it will be more than worth it, especially when you catch the magnificent Northern Lights, discover the vast wildlife and ski under the midnight sun. Then return to your cosy warm holiday home with a lovely hot sauna to warm you up before going to bed on your wellness holiday.

Wild about summer in Sweden

Or visit in the summer and see how the region bursts into life full of colour and maybe have a cup of freshly made wild coffee, all you need is kettle, water and coffee grounds and then place it over a fire. Lie back and enjoy the nature and take in the smell of the fresh coffee, it is a tradition in Sweden which the soldiers perfected in the 18th century. Feel your lungs fell with the sweet-scented air from the wildflowers and listen to the sounds of the wildlife in the distance, the rustling of the trees and the crashing waters of the waterfalls. Take time to enjoy the nature away from your bustling everyday life. Stay in a tiny secluded holiday rental with its own luxurious sauna and feel completely pampered on your wellness holiday.

At one with Sweden

Why not try something new while on your gorgeous Swedish wellness holiday, in Sweden chopping, stacking and drying wood is seen as a type of 'therapy' so why not rent a lovely summer cottage for your wellness holiday and try chopping, stacking and drying your own wood. Hear the satisfying sound of the 'thwack' that the wood makes when the axe hits it, smell the woody essence of the freshly cut wood and feel the satisfaction of stacking it all. As well as that it is a great form of exercise and going into your sauna afterwards will feel all the more rewarding and relaxing. Or why not try out meditation or yoga, the place to truly get into the right mind set is a deserted island in the Stockholm or Bohuslän archipelagos, listen to the birdsongs in the background as the sun rises and feel yourself completely relax and all the stress release from your body.

Capturing moments you'll only find in Sweden

There are some things that money just can’t buy, to capture the true essence of Sweden and the potential that your Swedish wellness holiday with your own sauna has to offer you need to explore Sweden. Be daring and go skinny-dipping in a lake, pick vibrant wild berries and then lie on springy bed of moss or on the warm rocks overlooking the sea while eating them. There are thousands of natural moments that can only happen and be captured in Sweden to make your wellness holiday as fulfilling as possible. 


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