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Wellness Holidays in the Ideal Cosy Escape

United Kingdom
Everyone could do with a well-deserved break and some good relaxation. Find the ideal holiday home any where that takes your fancy for your wellness holiday with your very own sauna to recuperate in.

Lie back, close your eyes, feel the warmth wash over you and your body relax as your mind drifts into a peaceful calm. No ringing phones, no texts, no emails, just the sounds of the water slowly evaporating into a fairy like dust. A holiday home with a sauna is the ultimate treat to make you feel well rested and rejuvenated. There's a great history behind saunas too, the oldest Finnish sauna dates to 10,000 years ago and since then have evolved over time in many different ways. There are many different uses and benefits to saunas, from being believed to have healing powers to being used for religious ceremonies.

The magic of a sauna

There is nothing more relaxing than the luxury of a lovely holiday home with your very own sauna that you can use any time you like. No matter where you are you'll feel the calm wash over you in our idyllic holiday rentals with their stunning views, peaceful surroundings and gorgeous saunas. There were also old Finnish superstitions about saunas where they believed each sauna was guarded by its very own spirit. This spirit was in a gnome form and protects the sauna, therefore they would follow traditions like leaving a cup of water or bowl of porridge at Christmas time for the spirit to keep it happy. Maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the magical spirit while relaxing in your holiday homes sauna.

A luxurious oasis just for you

There are many amazing holiday accommodations to choose from for your ideal wellness holiday like in Sweden, from a gorgeous villa overlooking the glistening sea that winks at you while your breath in the fresh salty air that sweeps around you. Or find a cosy and rustic little cabin deep in the beautiful emerald green trees hidden away where all you can hear is the sounds of the trees sweeping leaves as the wind brushes them and the birds chirps happy songs. Then the ultimate luxury of your wonderful holiday rental is that you can lie back and relax in your very own sauna and feel all your stresses ebb away.

Explore the beauty nature has to offer

Or stay in an eccentric little British cottage with sprawling trumpet vines covering it in their kaleidoscope of fiery red, golden yellow and burnt orange colours. Not only is it a picture-perfect escape for your wellness holiday but there are endless gorgeous sites to explore in the countryside, like the crisp and sweet-smelling apple orchards with their magnificent cheery pink and snow-white petals that bloom in the summer creating stunning arches as you walk under the trees and they flutter down like confetti around you. Wonder through and watch the baby rabbits play in the lush green grass ahead of you and maybe have a picnic under the trees.  

Lie back and relax

Maybe stay in a French country style chateau, explore the lustrous countryside on breathtaking hikes and discover the treasures that it has to offer. Walk through the looming bright trees, colourful flowers and forget about the plagues of your daily working life, feel yourself re-energise as your lungs fill with the sweet natural air. There's no need to worry about the opening times of the sauna because in your very own sauna you can go anytime, you can enjoy the intimacy of being in there on your own and not have to worry about awkward encounters with other people or it getting to full and cramped.

Holiday homes with sauna