Holiday Homes by the sea in the UK

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Holiday Homes by the sea in the UK

Discover the Jurassic Coast starting at Weymouth

The Weymouth coastline has many things to offer, it’s the perfect family holiday destination by the beach with something for everyone to do. The town has been there for hundreds of years and is still surrounded by Georgian buildings where our seaside holiday homes are nestled in-between. You can ride the donkeys on the beach or hire your own paddle boat and have an adventure on the sparkling water. Or you can wonder through the winding streets of the old town full of unique little shops and cafes. Because it’s a relatively small town and beach your holiday home will always be within a short distance from everything.

Rough diamonds can be mistaken for worthless pebbles at Chesil Beach

Chesil Beach is another amazing part of the Jurassic Coast, it´s a shingles beach with a lagoon called The Fleet running between it and the mainland. It´ll probably be slightly further away from your holiday accommodation and the main town which however makes it the perfect place if you´re looking for somewhere quieter and secluded. The sound of the waves hitting the smooth pebbles along the beach is breathtaking and very unique because the roar of the beach can often be heard far into the hinterland. The beach is 18 miles long with a dramatic steep and sharply shelving landscape which children often love rolling down. If you choose to walk along the top it has impressive views of the sea. One of the wonders of Chesil Beach is that on the East side of the beach, the pebbles are the size of potatoes and as you walk along to the West they gradually become smaller. It´s thought that the phenomenal long shore drift is what makes the size of the pebbles change along the beach and local fisherman can tell exactly where they are just from the size of the pebbles.

Shine bright like a lighthouse in Portland

Chesil Beach leads along to Portland Bill lighthouse which is situated on top of a hill with a beautiful operational lighthouse which has been there since 1906. It has stunning sloping rocky landscape which leads down to the water which kids often love to climb down. Many also love to sunbathe on the big rocks and feel the spray of the salty sea water. It´s also a very well-known place to see dolphins swimming by in complete synchronisation and leaping out of the water. Apart from the place itself being stunning the short journey there from Weymouth beach is just as stunning, as you go up the hill through the winding roads of the candy colored village you can spot several amazing views of the beach at the bottom. You can drive to your coastline rental home in your car which then means you can explore the Jurassic Coast at your own leisurely pace.

Keep calm and go to the beach

There are plenty more stunning beaches to visit, if you go further along you get to the North of Cornwall where Watergate Bay is in Newquay. From your harbourside holiday apartment here, you´ll have plenty of opportunities to try all sorts of water sport activities, go crab fishing and have gorgeous long walks. Then in the South of Cornwall there´s Porthcurno, this is a magnificent bay where a channel of sand is caught between lichen brushed granite cliffs. When the tides low you can walk through the crystal-clear sky-blue water to the other bays and perch on the sandbars.

If you´re looking for something more exotic Britain has that to offer too, in the North of Devon the place to go is Saunton Sands. Not only does it offer sensational views from your beach side holiday cottage but it´s also one of the largest sand-dune systems in Britain with countless rare plants and butterflies. Another picturesque place to visit is Bamburgh in Northumberland, the beach is guarded by a striking castle and on clear days you can see out to Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands. 


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