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Book holiday accommodation by the sea in the Netherlands

The Netherlands for a holiday by the sea and your perfect holiday home

Holland is bordered by Germany, Belgium and of course the North Sea. The most popular places for holidays in Holland by the sea are the islands of Texel, Terschelling, Ameland, Schiermonikoog, around the North Sea and in the IJsselmeer. The holiday homes in Norderney Langeoog are also very popular. The perfect holiday is to be able to have free rein over what you want to do and to also be able to watch the sea roll in and out.

A holiday cottage in Holland by the sea is a great place to go on a bike trip. The network of cycle paths is everywhere and you will meet many Dutch cyclists on your way. But those who prefer to turn to the water can during their stay in Holland to the sea to experience water sports. Whether you are more focused on surfing, sailing or if you prefer to go fishing to find some peace and quiet. Almost anything is possible in the country.

Villas in Holland with sea views

For the tourist who wants to discover the regions, a holiday home in Holland by the sea is ideal. From your rental, you can start an excursion for example to Rotterdam, The Hague, Maastricht or Haarlem. You can also take the time to visit Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. A tour of the city by boat on the canals is particularly remarkable to live with family or friends. And back to your vacation rental at the sea, after a busy day, you can enjoy the heavenly peace or sea view that many holiday homes in the Netherlands possess.

Yacht charter - near a rental apartment in Holland

With your vacation rental at the sea in Holland you will be able to get to know Amsterdam better. The capital of the Netherlands was built on about 5 million tree trunks and connected to the North Sea by the North Sea channel. Perhaps you would like to book a holiday home in Holland to visit the famous De Efteling park. It is the sixth largest amusement park in Europe and was built in 1933 on a playground.


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